Training devices

Safety training with real-like simulation

We have a vast range of safety training devices to support the effectiveness of training with real-like simulation. These trainers also comply with the authority requirements.

Door trainers

We have door trainers for:

  • A350
  • A330/340
  • B752
  • A32S
  • E170/190

A350, B752 and A32S have also slides/sliderafts for slide training. They can also be used for A330/340 and E170/190 to cover EU Commission requirements.

Fire and smoke training simulators

In our fire and smoke simulator you can practice extinguishing lap top, lavatory, oven, trolley, overhead bin or seat fire with halon or water extinguisher. In addition to the real firefighting simulator we also have a separate smoke training cabin simulator with cabin seats.

Evacuation training simulators

Our A320/B752 evacuation trainer is equipped with realistic cabin interior and doors and slide/slideraft. Another, a generic narrow body cabin evacuation simulator, is equipped with door and slide options and with motion, smoke and sound.

Both simulators can be used with options for door malfunctions.

Ditching pool

In the pool you can practice water survival with inflatable life vests for all students and with a raft.