Cabin crew training

Train hard – fly smart

After successfully passing the Finnair recruitment process, you’ll receive a training invitation to Finnair Flight Academy. The new entrant training period takes eight weeks, during which you’ll learn Finnair’s operating policies and how to act in various safety, first aid and service scenarios.

Defined by the aviation authorities, the safety and first aid content is the foundation of the cabin crew members’ professional competence. Additionally, service communication and cultural awareness as well as Finnair’s vision and principles of good customer service are essential topics of the course. After the new entrant training, you will have the basic level of competence to work as a cabin crew member.

Our highly professional instructors will guide and help you during all the phases of the training. We expect you to work hard, focus and give your best on all the exams, lessons and drills; we will evaluate your performance continuously. Your commitment will pay off when you become a certified cabin crew member for Finnair.

During your career, you will need to participate in annual training events on safety and service topics. Uniforms will be worn on service training and smart casual clothing on safety and emergency training.

In addition to considerate dress code, we expect you to understand your future responsibilities as a cabin crew member and behave in a professional manner already during the training. We also expect common sense and responsibility within social media. Training lessons and materials are not meant for public knowledge; therefore it is not allowed to take photos during the safety training.

Training programs

Starting your career as a Finnair flight attendant

New entrant training

Additional training for cabin crew members

Training during career