Pilot training

Finnair Company Conversion Course

The company conversion course is the first step in becoming a Finnair pilot. We may also call it the "first officer course". Finnair company conversion training is aimed for qualified pilots who have passed Finnair pilot selection and recruitment process. After passing these steps, the Finnair Assistant Training Pilot Sami Ruusuvirta will contact you well in advance to plan your company conversion training.

To be able to start on a Finnair company conversion course, you have to have at least the following licenses and ratings: CPL(A), ME/IR, MCC and ATPL(A), and a valid Medical 1. For Finnair MPL trainees, company conversion training is integrated into Phase IV of the MPL course.

The company conversion course will take about four weeks. The first two weeks are computer-based training, which does not require attendance at Finnair Flight Academy. The following two weeks are classroom training. This phase is really intensive and requires your full effort. The course consists of general, non-type-related subjects about Finnair flight operations and introductory lessons about Finnair as an airline and an employer. During the training you will have two exams.