Type Rating Training


We provide carefully designed Type Rating courses for pilots for all aircraft types Finnair Flight Academy operates. The courses are provided under Finnair Flight Academy’s ATO Approval with our syllabus and experienced instructors.

Aircraft Types

You may download a detailed fact sheet of each course syllabus in the end of this page.

For all Type Rating courses the following options are available.

Economical Operations Training (ReverseGreen™)

ReverseGreen™ Type Rating Training is a type rating training program with integrated training on economical operations. Pilots will learn efficient operating procedures along with their type rating training and earn back the training investment by guaranteed savings in operational costs. More information on ReverseGreen Family page.

Low Visibility Operation (LVO)

Standard LVO training consists of CBT* and one 4-hours flight simulator training session. The CBT explains the regulations and use of equipment and procedures. The flight simulator training covers take-off and landing operations down to the certified minimum visibility limit (CATII/III).

The training is required to operate with a decision height less than 200ft.

The content may be customized according to your company SOPs.

* e-Learning option available

Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT)

Standard Line Oriented Flight Training consists of 4-hour simulator session.

In this exercise the emphasis is placed on non-technical performance and crew resource management (CRM). The content of the exercise consists of scenarios that address the relevant areas of non-technical skills, such as leadership, management, situation awareness and decision making.

Zero Flight Time Training (ZFTT)

Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC)