A330 Type Rating course

Course content

Ground training

  • Aircraft systems (CBT)*

Weight & Balance Flight training

  • Flight Training Device (MFTD) training (6 sessions)
  • Full Flight Simulator training (11 sessions)

Skill test

  • Full Flight Simulator, min 6 hours/crew

Zero flight time training (optional)**

  • Full Flight Simulator, min. 6 landings Base training (optional)
  • School flight, min. 6 landings

Other optional training modules:

  • Low Visibility Operations, LVO (CBT & FFS)
  • Line Oriented Flight Training, LOFT (FFS)

*eLearning (distance learning) option available for CBT

**Line training for full type rating after ZFTT available on request

Regulatory complience:

Type Rating Training Syllabus is in compliance with JAR-FCL 1. The training exercises have been determined with reference to the learning objectives and the requirements mentioned in JAR-FCL 1.240, Appendix 1 and 2 to JAR-FCL 1.240 & 1.295, IEM- FCL 1.240 (b)(1) & 1.261(c)(2) and AMC-FCL 1.261(a).

Zero Flight Time Training (ZFTT) meets all requirements in JAR-FCL 1.261(c)(2).

ReverseGreenTM – guaranteed savings in operational costs!

Finnair Flight Academy has integrated ReverseGreenTM concept into all type rating courses. Pilots will learn efficient operating procedures along with their type rating training and earn back the training investment by guaranteed savings in operational costs.


70 hours as PIC (250 hours for ATPL) • Valid ME/IR
Class 1 medical certificate
MCC certificate (min. theory)
ATPL theoretical exams completed

Start date Category Subject Location Duration  
Available on request Pilot A330 Type Rating course 27 days More info